Kindness Is Everything

I’m starting a new blog initiative- one I’m hopeful will grow. I find it hard to listen to the news these days. There’s an overwhelming amount of sadness out there. Many terrible things are happening to animals, the environment, and people. Though it’s important to be aware of the awful things happening on our planet, it often makes me feel anxious and frustrated because I don’t know how to help. The problems seem too big. So I thought I would start sharing stories of people—kids and adults, alike, who have helped animals, the environment, or a person in need. A little positivity when the world seems bleak.

It would be wonderful if these stories inspire others to do acts of kindness, but it would also be great if the story adds joy to someone’s day. My goal is to share a story each week, but of course that will depend on the number of people who respond.

PLEASE send me a story of a friend, someone in your family, or yourself extending a kind gesture to another being. There is no act of kindness or compassion too small, especially for the animal or person you helped. To them your kindness is everything.

2 thoughts on “Kindness Is Everything

  1. Good Morning Anita,
    I am a member of CANSCAIP and I heard that you are looking for stories for your Kindness is Everything blog. I recently wrote an article to commemorate Random Acts of Kindness Day for a local (Guelph, ON) online publication called The Magazine. I notice by your blog that most of the stories are about kindness to animals. Believe me, as a dedicated animal lover, I am all for that. However the article I wrote for The Magazine is about random acts of kindness to people, particularly the elderly. Would that article be of interest to you for ypur blog?

    I’ll look forward to hearing from you!
    Marilyn Helmer


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