I am so excited to share the cover of my upcoming picture book, A Family For Faru. The idea for this story came in 2016 as a way for my son to cheer me up, after we dropped off my daughter at a rhino orphanage in South Africa. Four years later, it’s an actual book, with gorgeous illustrations by Karen Patkau. The book will be released in October of 2020. I’m hoping for a huge party to celebrate and raise awareness for these beautiful animals.


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Pajama Press • Coming Fall of 2020 • Ages 4-7

Tetenya and his mother have found Faru, a baby rhinoceros, alone on the savannah. They know that rhino herds will adopt orphaned infants, but finding the rangers who protect local herds may be a long and risky prospect. In this touching story of belonging and environmental awareness, a young boy’s courage and ingenuity help an orphaned rhinoceros find safety in a new herd.


Fiction and nonfiction meet as a boy seeks to save an orphaned rhino. . . This picture book offers a colourful portrayal of a gentle rhino and a boy who cares for him and helps him survive. . . Young readers will also enjoy finding small insects, reptiles, and mammals along the journey. . .The back-matter offers insightful details on the poaching of rhinos, their endangered status, conservation efforts to save them, and Rao-Robinson’s story of her encounter with rhinos in South Africa that inspired the book. A gentle story that helps children understand why wildlife conservation matters and why they should care. — Kirkus Review


February 19, 2020 marks the first ever I Read Canadian Day. It is an initiative to promote the richness and diversity of Canadian Literature. As part of the celebration, many Canadian authors, myself included, recorded videos reading an excerpt from our books. Being an introvert, the whole experience of putting myself out there was quite terrifying. But now that I’ve done it, I’m so glad I braved through. I am very grateful for the support I received from my fellow Canadian authors. So, here are my two videos! In the first one, I read the beginning of my young adult novel Broken Worlds. And in the second, I talk about something very close to me—diversity in publishing. Thanks for taking a look.



It’s been ten years since I started writing about Kalli, and now her story ends in the last book of my YA sci-fi trilogy. Broken Dreams came out June 4th, 2019! Thank you to everyone who supported me—my family, my critique group, my publisher, and my friends. Kalli’s story would still just be in my head, if it wasn’t for all of you.


Broken Promises, the second book in my YA trilogy was released by CBAY Books in the spring of 2017! A huge thanks to the talented Madeline Smoot, for creating another amazing cover.

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How far would one go to survive when they’ve damaged their planet to the point it can no longer sustain life? In Broken Worlds, Kalli finds out.

When a brutal attack leaves her barely conscious, Kalli thinks that the young man carrying her away is an angel sent to ferry her to Heaven. After all of the abuse and months of homelessness, Kalli welcomes the relief that Heaven would bring. Handsome Ellis, though, turns out to be just as mortal as she is. A kind stranger, Ellis saves her life by taking her to a local clinic to be healed. Once better, Kalli finds herself staying with her unusual rescuer while being monitored constantly by his mysterious family. It’s not an ideal situation, but it beats the streets. Now that she’s safe and warm and appears to have found someone who cares for her, Kalli assumes the worst is behind her. She couldn’t be more wrong.

Broken Worlds was the very first Young Adult Winner in the Yummy but Brainy Writing Contest presented by CBAY Books.

Please check out the Broken Worlds website:


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My lovely supportive sister came to all of my book signings! And she helped set up this website.
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Book signing at Chapter’s.
Thrill of seeing my book on the shelves!


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Book signing