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Feedback from teachers:

As a teacher of grade 12 university English, Writer’s Craft and Advanced Placement, I was thrilled to have Anitha recommended to me as a potential guest speaker for my writing class. 

Anitha has a warm and enthusiastic way with teenagers. She is sincere, open and puts her audience at ease immediately. While she always prepares for a session with a clear agenda in an original context, she is completely open to whatever angle the students are working on at the time, she is flexible enough to follow a group on a tangent without losing track of the primary purpose of any session. 

Anitha Robinson’s visit was a high point in my Writers’ Craft class last semester. She was engaging and personable as well as honest about the process of writing and publication. 

As a teacher, I found Anitha a welcome envoy from the real world, who brought writing to my students’ attention as a viable activity that lives beyond the classroom.  I highly recommend Anitha as a speaker for a group of aspiring writers, regardless of age or experience.