Episode 55: Kindness Is Dr. Izzy Goes Wild

Izzy Hirji wears many hats—wildlife vet, world traveller, photographer, conservationist, vegan, and television celebrity! He joins Anitha to share his incredible adventures as he follows his hero, Dr. Jane Goodall, in making the world a better place for all beings.

Izzy begins the episode by talking about his childhood fear of dogs and how he not only overcame that fear, but now travels the world, treating all kinds of wild animals.

A fabulous episode for kids and adults, alike—packed full of beautiful, touching and often funny stories about the life of a wildlife vet.

To learn more about Izzy, you can follow him on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/dr.izzygoeswild/

To check out the TV series—Jungle Animal Rescue, that Dr. Izzy mentioned, here’s the link. https://www.disneyplus.com/series/jungle-animal-rescue/62AjlzYo2ddR

Here are some links for the book by Dr. Jane Goodall that changed Izzy’s life:



As a thank you to Izzy for sharing his story, Anitha donated to Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary. This sanctuary provides healing and recovery for primates who have been rescued from laboratories, roadside zoos and other terrible circumstances. In addition to all the amazing and kind things Dr. Izzy is involved with, he also makes time to donate his veterinary skills to treat and care for these residents.

To learn more about Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary, please check out: https://www.storybookmonkeys.org/

Episode 54: Kindness Is Always Fair

Sabrina and her fur babies

Sabrina Fair Andronica joins Anitha to talk about being a children’s author and an animal lover, and how she combines these two parts of her life.

In her books, Sabrina gently tackles subjects such as dealing with grief over the loss of a pet, animal testing, and misconceptions people have about certain breeds of dogs; in particular Pitbulls.

She visits schools in hopes of inspiring children to be kind to all kinds.

During the podcast, Sabrina mentioned an app people of all ages can use when they are shopping. It’s called Cruelty Cutter and makes cruelty-free shopping simple. The app scans items and provides an instant response about the product’s animal-testing status.

As a thank you to Sabrina for sharing her story, Anitha donated to Moe Dogge Shelter. This shelter, located in Beruit, Lebanon, is dedicated to protecting and caring for street dogs and cats. To learn more about Moe and his passion to help animals, click on this link: https://moeshelter.godaddysites.com/

To learn more about Sabrina and her books, you can follow her on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alwaysfairbooks/