Friends of Animals

This page is devoted to people and organizations that are kind to animals.

I have had the honour of hearing Dr. Jane Goodall speak on four occasions. One of those times was  especially exciting as I got to shake her hand and exchange a few words. Her devotion to helping chimpanzees inspires me. She has figured out a way to educate local communities to see the value in saving these amazing animals.


To learn about the Jane Goodall Institute, please visit:

Lola Ya Bonobo Sanctuary is dedicated to saving endangered Bonobos. Bonobos are part of the ape family and are slightly smaller than chimpanzees. The main character is my latest children’s novel is a bonobo. The wonderful people at Lola Ya Bonobo have generously answered my many questions about these beautiful animals. 

To learn about Lola Ya Bonobo, please visit:

One of our memorable family holidays was at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah. We had an incredible time volunteering with the many animals this fantastic organization takes care of. We also brought home our best holiday souvenir ever—our 3rd dog, Jakey. Jakey was a wonderful and much loved part of our family for almost ten years. Sadly, he passed away in January of 2018. He was our cuddly couch potato with the softest ears. He is greatly missed.

. IMG_0017


Feeding the bunnies!

To learn more about Best Friends Animal Society, please visit:

One of my daughter’s favourite birthdays was celebrated with a visit to The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada. This organization offers refuge to donkeys, mules, and hinnies, who have been abused, neglected, or whose owners can no longer take care of them.


To learn about The Donkey Sanctuary, please visit:

When my husband and I were in University we volunteered with World Wildlife Fund Canada and talked to students about the Guardians of the Rainforest program they had. After all these years, we are still supporters of this great organization devoted to helping the animals and the environment.

Just some of the many animals you can ‘adopt’ from WWF

To learn about all the amazing initiatives of World Wildlife Fund, please visit:

Fetch & Releash is a rescue organization created to help dogs find their forever homes. Founded in April of 2016 and run by a group of dedicated volunteers, they have taken in and found homes for hundreds of dogs, including Poppy, who joined our family in 2016.


To learn more about Fetch & Releash and all the amazing dogs waiting for their forever homes, please visit: