Episode 31: Kindness Is Keeping Companion Animals & Youth Together

For many homeless young people, their companion animals are often their only friend and support system. Unfortunately, most shelters do not allow animals inside. This sad truth means these youth are faced with the incredibly difficult decision—take shelter and lose their beloved companion animal or live on the streets.

In May of 2020, sisters Shania and Anya Bopa, created an organization called The Canadian Courage Project. The goal of this initiative is to keep homeless youth and their companion animals together by offering various types of support.

These two wonderful young women talk about what inspired them to create this non-profit and how they are trying to keep companion animals and youth together.

A fabulous episode about compassion for all beings.

To learn more about The Canadian Courage Project and how you can support Anya and Shania, check out their website: https://www.thecanadiancourageproject.org/

As a thank you for sharing their story, Anitha donated to Animal Welfare Foundation of Canada. This charity seeks to change the way Canadians think about using and caring for animals used in research, agriculture, education as well as companion animals and wildlife.

To learn more about this charity and all they do, please click on this link: https://awfc.ca/

2 thoughts on “Episode 31: Kindness Is Keeping Companion Animals & Youth Together

  1. Anitha you are a special breed. You sacrifice so much of your time and money. . Such a great help for the animals and also the wildlife. .The world will be a better place if at least few
    people are like you, we are so proud of you.


  2. Congrats Anitha. You are so busy with work and looking after the animals and also housework in spite of all this you find a time to do this too that shows how much you care for the animal’s welfare.. if we have people like you the world will be a better place .love you ao much ..


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