Episode 2: Kindness Is Tying Shoelaces

On this episode, I speak with eleven-year-old Sid Chaurasia. Sid shares her story of being part of the Terry Fox Run at school when she noticed a younger student off to the side. At the time, only seven herself, Sid stopped to find out why the little boy wasn’t running with everyone else. When she learned of his dilemma, Sid helped him with the issue and then together they finished the run.

Sid acted without any expectation of acknowledgment or reward, but her act of kindness was noticed and she was surprised at the outcome.

As a thank you for sharing her story of kindness, I donated to the SickKids Foundation on behalf of Sid.

For more information about The Terry Fox Foundation and how you can help, please click on this link: https://terryfox.org/run/

For more information about the SickKids Foundation and how you can help, please click here: https://www.sickkidsfoundation.com/

This episode was produced by Stephen Hurley of VoicEd Radio.

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