A Ferret Named Randall



This amazing story of kindness was sent by Kate Kenzie. Kate is a book blogger and writer from Yorkshire.

On a warm summer’s day Kate and her husband were on their way to pick up some plants, but they got delayed.

As they were driving along in the middle of nowhere, as Kate describes it, they spotted a ferret at the side of the road, drinking from a can. With two ferrets at home, Kate and her husband were comfortable handling them. Kate’s husband stopped the car and scooped up the small shocked creature. A second ferret was nearby, but sadly had been hit by a car and died.

They wrapped the surviving ferret, who would come to be named Randall, in Katie’s jumper so they wouldn’t get bitten before proceeding to get the plants and a box to put him in. By the time they were halfway home he had escaped from the box numerous times as ferrets are keen escapologists. When they got home, they checked Randall over and called the local ferret rescue. No one had reported a missing ferret, but the rescue was full and asked Kate if they would be willing to look after him. They agreed. The next day, they took Randall to a vet who discovered Randall’s canine teeth were broken. He had probably been hit by a car as well, but other than the broken teeth and some bruising, he was physically okay.

It took Randall a while to settle into his new home. He was very shy, but would fight with the other two ferrets, so they were kept apart. If Randall was brought out to play, he would run back to his hutch and hide.

Fortunately, with a lot of love and patience, Randall was eventually coaxed out of his shell. That was five years ago. Now Randall loves cuddles and attention. He even comes when he’s called. Thanks to Kate and her family, Randall had a happy ending.

When asked what one thing she would change in the world, Kate said “for people to care about nature and the environment they live. Small changes can collectively make a big difference.”

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