Fostering-When A ‘Fail’ Is actually A Good Thing

I received this lovely story from Bradley Bravard, a writer living in Florida.

Bradley used to foster dogs. Over the years, he fostered for several different rescue groups. He always made sure he only volunteered with organizations that had strict adoption policies. This gave him confidence in knowing that the dog was going to a good home. Bradley would then open up his heart and welcome the next dog who needed a place to live until they too were adopted.

But Little Steve was a different story. Little Steve was a blind miniature poodle who Bradley started fostering in 2013. Bradley is unsure of the dog’s history and the reason he ended up in a shelter. But fortunately for Little Steve, he found Bradley. Even though he was blind, Little Steve learned how to navigate his new surroundings. He also enjoyed being held.

Soon after Little Steve came to live with Bradley, the rescue disbanded, and Little Steve became Bradley’s dog. This is sometimes called a ‘foster-fail’, when the foster home becomes a permanent home. It’s not really a fail. Especially for the dog who now has a loving, forever home. Bradley and Little Steve shared their lives for the next four years, until Little Steve passed away from old age.

Bradley has fostered many breeds of dogs—labs, beagles, basset hounds, to name a few. He strongly believes people should choose adopting from a shelter instead of buying from a breeder.

No matter what type of dog they want, there is a rescue group out there with exactly that dog.

Bradley is no longer fostering rescue dogs, but he and his wife have a wonderful dog of their own, a fun-loving hound mix named Rosie who was adopted from a county animal shelter.

When asked what he thinks would make the world a kinder place, Bradley said, “To always value life—people, animals, and the environment, before money and material possessions.”

For more information about Bradley, please check out his website, The Creative Life Adventure at


Little Steve


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